Andrew Silke is a professional animator and founder of The GuerrillaCG Project. With over 8 years experience he has worked on major feature films such as Happy Feet, Scooby Doo, and James Cameron's new movie Avatar as well as creating award winning short films like as 'Cane-Toad' (with David Clayton).

Considered an all rounder, he has a wide range of talents within computer animation. His skills include animation, pre visualisation and camera, modelling, rigging and texturing and he is familar with 3d software packages like Maya, XSI, 3ds Max, Lightwave.

Andrew is passionate about animation and promoting his love of computer graphics. He is the creator of the widely popular Generi Rig which has been used by thousands of animation students. Andrew has taught animation in a number of schools, including Australia's premiere film school AFTRS.

Andrew also enjoys surfing, making music, watching films, reading non fiction and philosophy. He currently lives in Sydney Australia.


Speciality: Animation
Hobbies: Music, Film, Philosophy, Surfing
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Guerrilla Videos
The Polygon
Multi Sided and Intersecting Polygons
Smooth Shading
Smooth Shading Examples


Building A Robot Hierachy


Generi Rig (free)
Generi is a free animation rig for Maya. Thousands of students have used this rig, you can see some examples over at .

SHOWREEL: Leopard Seal Chase from Happy Feet

In this sequence Andrew animated both characters and worked on most of the previs, cameras and rough set layout for the sequence. Copyright Animal Logic and Warner Bros.

SHOWREEL: Cane-Toad (Short Film: 4mins)

A Short animation by Andrew Silke and David Clayton. Copyright 2002