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Hierarchies are used to link the transformations (or translation, rotation and scale) of objects to each other. They can be handy for organising scenes and grouping objects together.

This tutorial demonstrates how basic hierarchies work and what they can be used for. It also explains how null objects can help organise scenes.

Running Time: 4 mins 59 sec


Knowledge of these concepts is required:

Andrew Silke is an award winning filmaker and has worked on projects such as Scooby Doo, Happy Feet and Avatar

XSI (coming)
Maya (coming)

Hierarchy: The relationship of objects parented to eachother

To Parent: To link the transformation of one object to another

To Unparent: To unlink the transofrmation of one object to another

Parent: The top object which moves others below

Child: The bottom object which is transformation linked to an object above in the hierarchy

Null Objects: Objects that don't render or are invisible in the final animation. Also called locators, dummies, groups etc.

A way of displaying hierarchies which uses a floating relationship conected by a line.

A way of displaying hierachies using a folder structure.

2010solar | | 2011-01-05 16
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2010solar | | 2011-01-05 16
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2010solar | | 2011-01-05 16
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TheBronxLegend - CLEAR AND SIMPLE | | 2010-08-21 01
This site is what I have been searching for ever since i started to tool around
in the 3D modeling world earlier this year!!
Now, while I have sampled many
programs, without a basis of the world of 3D itself the programs only help but
so much.

This site teaches you about 3D where as other sites focus on specific
programs. Once you get a foothold on 3D fundamentals the programs you use are
just a vehicle to create your ideas and the only tutorials you will need from
which ever programs you choose to use will be the hotkeys because 3D is 3D
whether it be Maya, Blender, ZBrush etc.

The best analogy I can think of is
Music. This site is the equivalent of teaching you how to read the proper
language of sheet music before you ever touch an instrument so that when you do
pick one up all you need to familiarize yourself with is what pipes, keys,
strings, etc. you will need to get the music out.

I speak from experience when
I ...
sarfarazali - Precise and To The Point | | 2010-03-19 00
Thanx ! You Guys doing gr8 job! Keep up the good work!
silent-tortoise - At last, an explanation | | 2009-12-08 20
Clearly explained and at just the right level for a beginner like me.
Congratulations to you all.
Marcelo Salgado - Great work!!! | | 2009-04-10 18
Thanks a lot, congrats for this amazing videos.
dlfurman - Excellent Resource | | 2009-04-10 00
Thank you for this!
3D isn't hard. It just needs to be explained

You've done it!
Addy - Excellent.. | | 2008-11-26 08
This was clear n simple..we surely need more of these...greatly appreciated...
Psylife - Thanks | | 2008-11-11 02
Great work. The presentation is neat and the content is filled with very
important notions. I wish I had those videos when I first started. I am sure
that even advanced users will appreciate having things explained a bit more
clearly, there is always a few concepts that we might have failed to grasp.
thank you :)
maraCZ - well done! | | 2008-11-08 00
excelent work! It canĀ“t have been clearer. Also interesting theme...
jogarbel - Great! | | 2008-11-07 15
I love this tutorials. Are simply, general, and very very good edited. A monkey
like me can understand it. :D
Pj - wow | | 2008-11-07 14
very nice indeed, and trust me i've seen quite a bit of gnomon and other high
price videos, this are absolutely wonderful, thanks for the work you put into
Chris Campbell - Amazing work! | | 2008-11-07 02
I just wanted to drop a line and give my thanks and appreciation for these
tutorials. from an advanced perspective they have a very complete feel and
absolutely invaluable information!! GREAT JOB GUYS keep up the good work!
zcreem - Nicely Done | | 2008-11-06 15
Just watched this as the first video I checked out on the site, well presented
great use of sound and animation.
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