1. Hierarchy Basics (4 mins 59 sec)

Hierarchies are used to link the translation rotation and scale of objects to each other. They a super handy for organising scenes and grouping objects together.

Author: Andrew Silke

2. Hierarchies: Building a Robot (5 mins 57 sec)

Here we take the concept of hierachies to create a rig for this hover robot. Here we see the rig in action in two different scenarios, flying and swinging.

Author: Andrew Silke.

3. The Rotation Problem (5 mins 24 sec)

Rotations in 3d are not easy to understand. This tutorial examines Euler and Quaternion rotations, and explores their advantages and disadvantages.

Author: Andrew Silke.

4. Euler Rotations Explained (8 mins 06 sec)

In this video we explore "Euler rotations" and "gimbal" in detail, this is a common problem that frustrates animators.

Author: Andrew Silke.