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The polygon is the basic building block of all 3d models. Here we discover its properties, like the face normal, which shows the direction the polygon is facing and it's three components the face, edge and vertex. Complicated objects are made of lots of polygons put together.

*Edit, the terms "Planar" and "Non Planar" should be "Coplanar" and "Non Coplanar" respectively .

Running Time: 2 mins 26 sec


Knowledge of these concepts is required:

Andrew Silke is an award winning filmaker and has worked on projects such as Scooby Doo, Happy Feet and Avatar

XSI (coming)
Maya (coming)

Polygon: A flat surface that forms the basic building block of a 3d model

Vertex: A point in 3d space that marks the corner of a polygon. Multiple points are called vertices.

Face: The surface area of a polygon

Edge: An edge of a polygon joined between to vertices.

Face Normal: The direction a polgyon faces

Single Sided: A polygon that is invisible from behind.

Double Sided: A polygon that is visible from both sides

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lioxa | | 2010-06-09 03
Hi Andrew i have little problem with poligon count when it rises enough my 3ds
file goes closed, or sometimes when i render scene with lots of objects render
fails(thise one was solved by rendering with backburner netrender however
sometimes render fails anyway)maybe i should make an upgrade to my pc?can you
suggest something?
Wallfish | | 2010-01-12 21
Amazingly executed. Very good
SuperTamal - Very Easy | | 2009-04-10 18
I like these easy explained tutorials. Great Job :).... erase all those spam
replies guys

elephantbuffalo - super stuff but the music... | | 2009-02-22 14
I love the idea of this site. It is great to see the learning curve reduced, I
am sure you will help loads of people. Congrats.

...just do me a favor, lose
the music. It is repeated too many times which leads to annoyance.

andrewsilke | SAdministrator | 2009-03-21 02
Ha! Yeah, a couple of people have commented on the music being annoying. Some
like it others don't. I'd like more variation too. We'll see how we go with
future videos.
Jabar | | 2010-07-26 14
I actually love the music. reminds me of American Beauty for some reason :S
csfalcao | | 2009-01-24 16
Anonymous | | 2008-11-21 21
Perfect teaching material for total beginners. I wish I'd had them before I knew
majarlikjatribe | | 2008-11-17 08
great refresher
Dread Knight - OMFG! | | 2008-11-09 08
You guys fucking rock! I should make a blog article about this pretty soon and
start recommending / presenting this project to friends and other

MinhNhat | | 2008-11-08 02
Very nice tutorial! It's very simple and clear!
Marcus | | 2008-11-07 17
Really nice tutorials. Clearly unwrapped and communicated.
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