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Primitives are objects like spheres, cubes and cylinders that are made by the computer automatically. These objects are a handy starting point for any model. In this tutorial we show how primitives can be used to rough out complicated objects including a UFO, mech robot and a thorny devil lizard.

Running Time: 3 mins 24 sec


Knowledge of these concepts is required:

Andrew Silke is an award winning filmaker and has worked on projects such as Scooby Doo, Happy Feet and Avatar

XSI (coming)
Maya (coming)

Primitive: An object automatically generated by a computer program. Usually these represent primitive shapes, like a spheres, cylinders or cubes.

Duplicate: Also called clone, copies or duplicates one object to make two.

Tweak: Moving vertices to change the shape of an object

Hull: The polygon mesh before it's been smoothed by a Subdivision Surface, also called "base mesh".

Mirror: Duplicating the object so that it symmetrically mirrors itself.

Subdivision Surface: The object is divided to have four times as many polygons and is smoothed to create rounded surfaces.

Taper: Can be called flare. Makes one end of the object to go towards a point.
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pavadee | | 2010-06-04 13
Love this site.
Thanks so much.
borbert - GOOD | | 2010-04-03 20
hi!a very nice site!
This is a meaning work.I will support you.
apacheco | | 2010-02-10 08
Great job guys, i was just wondering if you were going to have a tutorioal on
actually welding the pieces toghether.
SuperTamal - Just Impresive | | 2009-04-10 19
Im impresive this is exactly that the new users need to see the easy that 3d can

joshj86 - Fantastic! | | 2009-03-15 12
I'm impressed. Found the site in 3D World magazine! If i could pay you guys i
would! Thank you!
andrewsilke | SAdministrator | 2009-03-21 02
cheers josh, maybe one day in the future we'll have a donation section. :)
Rosver - Full of usefull info w/o hassles | | 2009-02-28 10
Wow. This video is so easy to understand that it took me by surprise. It
captivated me.

What a priceless treasure for everyone to admire and share.
Anthony - Nice | | 2009-02-24 01
This site is a great resource. Now I see how using primitives can easily block
out the shape. And then it shouldn't be too difficult (but it will take time) to
weld the different pieces into one solid mesh.

Ian - Very clear and concise | | 2009-02-04 17
Congratulations on a very slick presentation
Romeoiv - nice site | | 2009-01-21 23
I love this site from the start.
howster - Extremely helpful | | 2009-01-02 18
Thank you for this site and these tutorials... they are great
Filmon H. Abraha - Great Site | | 2008-12-12 17
Dude this is such a good site. I wish more people knew about it. Just don't
mess it up by selling too many ads on the site. WONDERFUL SITE. GREAT JOB GUYS
majarlikjatribe | | 2008-11-25 09
great tut
ferdi | | 2008-11-13 00
Is this a tutorial or a show of??
beacause, I dont understand how you make it
into a final mesh hull, or whats a hull???
andrewsilke | SAdministrator | 2008-11-13 10
Hi Ferdi, this tutorial isn't supposed to show all the aspects of how the thorny
devil model was made, that would take some time. But simply that primitves can
be used to block out a model. We hope to cover other aspects in other
tutorials. I'll add "hull" to the glossary too.
Simon - Immensely useful and entertaining | | 2008-11-11 10
This is very inspirational - you guys make this stuff look so easy. Thanks so
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