1. The Polygon (2 mins 26 sec)

The polygon is the building block of all 3d models. Here we explore the properties of a polygon and show how complicated objects are made of lots of these little suckers

Author: Andrew Silke

2. Multi Sided and Intersecting Polygons (3 mins 56 sec)

In this tutorial we discover how polygons can be displayed as having more than three sides. We also look at how polygons intersect and how this can be useful in certain circumstances.

Author: Andrew Silke

3. Smooth Shading (3 mins 58 sec)

S mooth shading avoids the usual hard creased edges of a polygon model. This tutorial demonstrates this concept, and shows how vertex normals influence the shading of a polygon.

Author: Andrew Silke

4. Smooth Shading Examples (3 mins 09 sec)

Here are a couple of examples of how smooth shading can affect real objects. Although this demo is in Maya, the concept applies for other packages too.

Author: Andrew Silke

5. Objects (3 mins 52 sec)

Objects are simply bundles of polygons with a common pivot point. This tutorial shows how any combination of polygons can make an object, and why objects are so useful.

Author: Andrew Silke

6. Primitives (3 mins 24 sec)

Primitives are objects like spheres, cubes and cylinders. These objects are a handy starting point for any model. Take for example this lizard which we make using primitives.

Author: Andrew Silke

7. Hierarchy Basics (4 mins 59 sec)

Hierarchies are used to link the translation rotation and scale of objects to each other. They are super handy for organising scenes and grouping objects together.

Author: Andrew Silke

8. Subdivision Surfaces: Overview (4 mins 44 sec)

Subdivision Surfaces smooth a polygonal object to create nicely rounded models. This popular technique is widely used by artists for creating smooth objects.

Author: Glen Moyes

asdf 9. Subdivision Surface Topology: Artifacts (5 mins 29 sec)

The topology or mesh pattern of a model can drastically affect the smoothing of a model. Here Greg Petchkovski demonstrates how to avoid smoothing artifacts. A must watch for anyone modelling with subdivision surfaces.

Author: Greg Petchkovsky