Andrew Silke

Andrew Silke is a professional animator and founder of GuerrillaCG. With over 8 years experience he has worked on major feature films such as Happy Feet, Scooby Doo, and James Cameron's new movie Avatar as well as co creating award winning short films such as 'Cane-Toad'.

Glen Moyes

Glen is starting a studio called Lumaglyph and ran workshops on modeling theory for 2 years. Glen is an extremely generous teacher and Blender guru.

Greg Petchkovsky

Greg is an acclaimed modeller and concept artist.  He has worked on many high profile projects and won many awards for his personal work.

Jake Hempson

Jake has an immense modeling and animation knowledge from his experience in games. He has been teaching at Qantm College in Brisbane, Australia. Now he works as a
senior animator and principle character artist at THQ.  Jake is also working on his masters where he is exploring character deformation.