Would you be interested in creating videos like those on the front page?
We are on the lookout for people to be part of the GuerrillaCg Project and core team. Mostly this means creating Fundamental Videos and being part of our high-end educators forum.

Fundamental Videos
Can you create a Fundamental Video like seen on the front page? You can choose your own topic. You'll own all the rights to your videos so you can display it elsewhere or remove your content for whatever reason. You'll get the opportunity to contribute to thousands of people all over the world. You'll also feature in the "Presenters" list on the site where you can promote yourself or company. These videos are be fun and simple to create, well, as far as CG movies go they are simple!

Perhaps you're a freelancer with a bit of down time, or an educator who like to demonstrate a concept? Or you're a student with a few weeks up your sleeve during the holidays or while looking for work. You're welcome to make a video in a team of people, or maybe you can make a video in your spare time? It doesn't really matter.

You'll need to have the skills to create a movie like those already on the site. That means you'll need to be able to operate some sort of animation/motion graphics program, have access to a microphone and editing software to make the movie.

We'll provide you with all the titles, music and sound effects, some 3d models or pictures where necessary, and information on the best process to make the movies. We can help you with the direction of the video, but we'd like to encourage collaboration to see what others can bring to these movies.

Are you interested?
If so send us an email and we can get you set up with the style guide package that contains the files you need to get started, also check out the WIP section in the menu where you can find information about the videos assets and our work in progress videos.  Or email us here...


I'm new and what should I do?

Those already contributing

Fundamental Video Style Guide

Making of Videos

3d Assets


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Software videos are screen-captured footage of a software program that shows how they work.  GuerrillaCG does not host software videos, instead we embed them into our software tutorials page.  This way we promote existing videos and save on bandwidth at the same time.

Since there are a massive amount of free tutorials out there we need to filter which ones to promote on this site.  We are still deciding the criteria for filtering which videos, stay tuned.

Do you know a tutorial or demo that would suit the GuerrillaCG Project that's on an embedable site like or If so we have an easy submission form found .

If you have created a software tutorial that doesn't fit into the embedable format or you have ideas on other ways you might contribute please let us know.

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We are looking for people with web skills to help with the site.  As will be a free web site it may be a good place to showcase your skills and help out at the same time.  We have built this site in Joomla, so .php, .css, or web design skills would be a big plus.  You could be a big help to the project, at to the people who use the site.

Let us know if you'd like to help at
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